Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap: Waco Wedding

This weekend Michael and I went on our second out of town trip together....once again, to Waco, Texas! The first trip was last October for a funeral; this time, we went for a wedding. We left on Friday morning. 

The first exciting event of the trip was a stop at the Buc-ee's in Waller, Texas. I got some birthday cake fudge and a STUFFED BUC-EE!!! The birthday cake fudge was just like eating vanilla butter cream, which means it was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. And when it comes to stuffed animals, let's just say Michael spoils me. Ha. 

A Buc-ee statue, a stuffed Buc-ee, and me. I lose all pride and dignity at Buc-ee's. 
Later that afternoon we had lunch at a barbecue restaurant in Hearne, Texas. We discovered Toodie's thanks to the excellent Yelp reviews. Thanks, Yelp!
Texas barbecue, served on paper, the way I remember eating it with my grandpa. 
Friday evening we attended the rehearsal dinner at Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University.

The rehearsal dinner was a catered event, also at the seminary, and it was delicious!

Our place markers were gold-painted rocks with our names.

After the rehearsal Michael and I had some bears at The Dancing Bear.

Saturday morning we slept in and I got some coffee from one of my favorite coffee shops, Common Grounds, while Michael got ready for the day.

We met up with part of the wedding party for lunch at George's. I had the Crazy Wing salad. Crazy Wings are chicken nuggets stuffed with cheese and jalapenos and wrapped in crispy bacon. This salad was divine!

Later that evening, it was wedding time! The bride and groom were beautiful!

After the wedding I had to wait while Michael took pictures with the rest of the wedding party. I entertained myself with selfies...

And then a selfie with Michael....

And then a real picture with Michael...

It was a beautiful day in Waco.
Finally, it was time for the reception...

The wedding cake is my favorite part of any wedding!
This is not the best picture, but the bridesmaids' dresses were so pretty and sparkly...

We toasted the happy couple with real sugar Dr. Pepper. Michael was extremely pleased with this choice.

THEN, Bruiser the Baylor Bear made an appearance! Night = made!

We sent the couple off with squishy little footballs. The bride and groom wore gold Baylor football helmets. 

On Sunday we slept in again and then went to Cafe Cappuccino for breakfast with a friend of Michael's. We also got to see Darwin again; this time he was dressed up for Easter, but seemed to be missing his bunny ears. Oh well.

Then we drove to West, Texas to see the site of the West Fertilizer Company explosion. That was sad, but interesting. Not too much to see (hence the lack of pictures...).

After that it was back to Waco for a few innings of a Baylor baseball game.

Finally, it was time to return to our beloved Houston. We stopped in Cypress for dinner at The Shack. Always a good choice. They were out of the mac and cheese burger, so I ended up having the 1836 which was good, but not as amazing as The Fireman. I've also discovered that I really like Goose Island IPA - the first IPA I've ever truly enjoyed.

This was a very fun weekend, but also kind of tiring. I love traveling of any kind, but coming home to Houston is always my favorite part!

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