Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap: Adventures in Southeast Texas

It did not go unnoticed on my part that last weekend went un-recapped. That's because a lot of relaxing and not a lot of picture taking took place. A lot of wine drinking, cheese eating, Netflix watching, errand running, peace, and relaxation. It was wonderful....and not terribly memorable or noteworthy. Just what I needed after the busy Waco weekend

Anyway, this past weekend was back to busy-ness. 

Friday night Michael, my parents, and I visited a memorial site for the Texas Killing Fields. I recently read a book (and Michael did a report) on the numerous murders of young women that took place along Interstate 45 during the 1970-90's. This particular site is in League City, Texas and is the location where 4 women's bodies were found. There are now crosses memorializing their lives. Two of them have never been identified. I believe it's so important to remember and honor their lives. And to seek justice for their murders, when possible. 

Heide Villareal
Janet Doe
Someone buried a little dog named Mason out here. Not sure about the story behind this. 
Laura Miller

Saturday we planned a Mother's Day surprise for my mom (partly because I work on Sundays). I told my mom we were taking her to brunch, but we stopped to get doughnuts and told her we were really going on a mini road trip to a lavender farm (something she and I have been wanting to do for years). 
Shipley's, the best!
First we had lunch at a place called Kay's Cuisine for the Soul in Brenham, Texas. My brother and sister-in-law met us there (another surprise).

After lunch we visited the Lavender Farm in Chappell Hill, Texas. The farm was beautiful and it was a gorgeous day, so everything worked out perfectly!

And there was a geocache near this sign!
My mom with her lavender picking basket. 
Cutting lavender.

My parents. 
My brother. 
After the lavender farm we had pie at Must Be Heaven in downtown Brenham. I had the bourbon chocolate chip pecan pie and some coffee. Delicious!

After pie we said bye to my brother and sister-in-law and headed back to Houston.

While we were at the lavender farm I saw a recycled metal garden goat that I wanted. Unfortunately it was not for sale, but the lady who worked in the lavender farm gift shop told us she got it at HEB. We stopped at the HEB in Brenham, on our way out of town, but they did not have the cute little goat.

Later in the evening we discovered (thanks to the wonder of the Internet) that an HEB in League City had the garden goats in stock.

SO, Michael and I decided to make a quick stop at that HEB on our way back into Houston. Little did we know we would run into no less than 4 car accidents in about 30 minutes. It ended up taking us over an hour to get to the HEB, which was  in a part of League City that I was very unfamiliar with.

By the time we got there I felt bad for dragging Michael through all that for a silly goat statue (which we weren't even sure they were going to have). We walked up to the garden area and saw this sign....

It was after 10 pm. Then, through the fence, we saw.....THE GOATS!

Just when we thought there was no hope we heard a voice behind us say, "Can I help y'all?". The voice belonged to a friendly HEB employee. We told her of our long journey in search of decorative garden goat and she said she could get the key to the garden center. We were elated!

Some people buy important things like milk at 10 pm on a Saturday night. I buy a metal goat...

This picture pretty much sums up the weekend. I was very happy with my little goat! And in awe of a man who would put up with my ridiculous shenanigans (I think he had fun too!).

Now the little goat happily resides on Michael's patio. :) 

Sunday was my parents' 35th wedding anniversay, which was exciting. After I got off work Michael and I rested and watched Silver Linings Playbook...which kind of reminded me of work. Ha. Errrr.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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