Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Recap: Meeting Manny the Frenchie!!!!

This weekend I met Manny the Frenchie!!! Words cannot express how happy I was about this event. I've know since last sunmer that Manny was going on tour and I was just waiting for his Houston debut! 

When people hear how much I love Manny (and other internet pets...but none as much as Manny), they often laugh, indicate I'm ridiculous, or even offer to pray for me (this only happened once). But, the thing is, life is hard sometimes and Manny is a bright spot in my day. It's a simple thing, to get on Instagram and scroll through pictures for a minute or two, but it's brought immense happiness and amusement into my life and I make no apologies for that. Animals have always been extremely special to me (especially dogs) and I plan on enjoying them everyday that I'm given to enjoy. 

When you admire pictures of a cute pup online pretty much every day, it's a pretty big deal to meet said pup in person. This "pawty" was held at a pet resort and I went with my mom and Michael. My mom and I got VIP tickets, so we got swag bags with lots of goodies for Henry. Michael decided to interview Manny's parents for his show. 

Manny's parents were really nice and Manny was, of course, insanely adorable. He was smaller than I expected and just perfect! His squatty, muscular, little body was so cute! And he was so sweet and patient with all his adoring fans. Ha! The highlight of the day was definitely holding Manny and giving him a little smooch on the side of his head. 

I am one happy Manny fan! And I'm so grateful they came to Houston (although, to be honest, I would have driven almost anywhere in Texas to see him). Now I just need to meet the rest of the gang (Manny's siblings: Leila, Frank, Fillip, and Liam). 

Did anything else happen this past weekend? I can't remember. Just kidding. 

Friday I had a relaxing day at home. M had to work really early that morning, so in the evening we relaxed with oven roasted fajitas and fun shows. Also, it stormed really bad in Houston that night, so it was a good night to stay in. 

Saturday, we met Manny. After that we had lunch with my parents at a place in the Clear Lake area called Boondoggles. We shared good pizza and beer. That evening M and I had even more good beer when we hung out with some friends at D&T. I've kind of been going through a beer phase lately, which has been weird and fun. If feels milder than wine, to me, which is nice sometimes, for a change. 

Sunday, I worked and then M and I relaxed and watched Interstellar, which I liked better than I thought I would. 

Such a great weekend! 

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