Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Recap: Double Dates

This weekend M and I went on 2 double dates, both really fun! 

But FIRST, I had a very effective selfcare day on Friday. Selfcare is so important, so I didn't feel bad about it at all. It started with a trip to Starbucks, then a nail appointment, and finally a trip to Target. Some of my very favorite things. 

But really, before my selfcare day, I should have mentioned that on Thursday evening M and I went to the dear Houston Astrodome's 50th birthday party. They were giving away tshirts, hotdogs, cake, stickers, etc. However, M and I didn't get any of that stuff because the party was WAY more crowded than I think anyone expected. The line to go inside the Astrodome was also insanely long. Rumor is people waited for 3 hours to get inside. M and I settled for free popcorn and fairly good people watching. Someday I hope M gets to go inside the holds so many memories for me and it's a Houston icon. 

Ok, back to Friday... Friday night M and I had dinner and went bowling with another couple. We were all pretty terrible at bowling, but it was really fun. 

Saturday evening we got unexpected, free tickets to the Houston Dynamo soccer game and another couple joined us. This was my first time at a professional soccer game and we won! 

Sunday I had to work. Afterwards M and I used our Dynamo tickets to get free chicken at Cane's and then we watched a documentary about Scientology (scary). 

This was a lovely weekend!

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