Monday, January 5, 2015

Week Recap: Happy 2015!

This will be the last week recap, as life returned to normal today. In other words, I'm not on vacation anymore. Boooo! But really I am thankful my work gave me so much time off! I feel as though I used it wisely. 

Monday evening I experienced Santa's Wonderland with Michael's family. I had seen Santa's Wonderful for several year, I guess whenever my family drove home from College Station, but honestly, as an adult, I never had an interest in going. I figured it was just a money pit. And I was right....but it was still pretty fun. Especially since Michael has a niece and nephew who are young enough to truly enjoy it without worrying about money (although they both didn't really like long lines, which I found endearing). 
The entrance
Waiting in line to get in. Pretty purple treats. And a dapper, scarf-wearing Michael. 
Waiting in line for the hay ride. 
So child like. Haha.
They did have really cool and unique lights - like this Alamo scene. And lots of Texas pride.
This was my favorite part.
The outdoor food court. It was chilly!
The much-anticipated appearance of Marshall T. Frostbite (or whatever his name was). 
Michael's nephew rode the mechanical bull!
Tuesday Michael and I had a "fancy" day. We went shopping so that he could use his Macy's gift card and get new cologne. We also ate an early dinner at Eddie V's because I had a gift card that was over 2 years old!

Wednesday was New Year's Eve. Michael and I attended an Ars Lyrica concert and gala that was really fun.

Selfie in front of the Christmas tree, before the concert.
The concert - we had great seats!
Selfie right after midnight - Happy 2015!
The Hobby Center. The gala had a Spanish theme.
Us before we left the gala. 
Meanwhile, back at my parents' home, Henry was not such a huge fan of the NYE fireworks. He was very agitated and was even briefly allowed on the couch. Thankfully my parents were there to comfort and love on him!

Poor baby.
Thursday Michael and I hung out with my parents, watched the Baylor game (sad face), and ate a New Year's Day meal. We also watched a really good documentary.

Friday Ashley and I got to have dinner and dessert with our wonderful friend, Amie!

Saturday Michael and I joined some friends for a Monster Truck Jam - a life dream of mine. Honestly, it was pretty entertaining. If tickets were cheaper ($24 were the cheapest!), I'd be willing to go back.

The track.
Monster Mutt! My favorite truck (and the winner of the night)!
Monster Mutt's driver.
This was truly a fantastic Christmas break. I got to spend lots of quality time with Michael and my family, had fun with friends, and got lots of sleeeeeep!

2014 (especially the second half) was great! I'm looking forward to all that 2015 has in store. 

Now, back to normal life...

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