Monday, December 1, 2014

Week Recap: so much to be thankful for!

This past week was Thanksgiving Week! Which meant 2.5 days of work and lots of food and fun!

Tuesday my friend, Amie, was in town from Dallas. We attended a meeting for our old sorority and took the current officers out to dinner at Fadi's. After that we had drinks with Ashley at Julep and dessert at Cafe Brasil.
Ashley, Amie, and Me
Wednesday I baked and helped my mom get ready for Thanksgiving Day. I made sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pretzel rolls, and pumpkin pie
Dutch apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie.

Thanksgiving Day, my family was joined by my aunt, uncle, and 2 neighbors. 
Henry and I taking our annual family photo.
Our picture from last year, compared to this year....

My aunt's 2 children both live overseas. We miss them very much and they miss our traditional Thanksgiving dishes - so I sent them pictures over Facebook.
The pretzel rolls.
My dad, carving the turkey.

Le Sueur canned peas, the ONLY kind my grandmother approved of. We found this out the hard way one year.
Aunt Linda
My brother, our neighbor, foot!
My cousin, Andrew's response to the pictures.
My gluttonous plate...!!!! 
My grandma's silver.
One half of the dinner table.
Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike.
After dinner and dessert, some of us got tired...
So tired.
The day after Thanksgiving I had the privilege of meeting my boyfriend's aunt, who was in town from Indiana for the holiday. Along with the rest of his family, we spent the day doing some fun Houston things.

We visited NASA.
Confession: I stole this picture from Facebook.
And then we went to Galveston to see the water and visit The Strand.
We watched this street performer eat fire.
Saturday morning my family held a memorial service for our black lab, Sadie. She died earlier in the month. We had her cremated and were waiting for my brother and sister-in-law to be in town so that we could bury her ashes.

Henry at the memorial service. He misses his Aunt Sadie.

I wore my dog pajamas and had a reflective moment outside after everyone else went in.
The rest of the weekend was mostly spent watching The Walking Dead with Michael. On Saturday night we went to Top Golf for a birthday party for one of Michael's friends. I had never been there and it was a pretty fun environment (even though I know nothing about golfing beyond putt-putt). 

Now just a few weeks until Christmas Break!

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