Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week Recap: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

This Week Recap on a Tuesday is brought to you by the fact that I'm on Christmas vacation! 


Last Monday I finished up my Christmas shopping and wrapping. The Christmas tree looked beautiful!

Tuesday I baked these candy cane cookies, lemon bars, and made guacamole and salad for a get together that evening.

Tuesday evening some of my closest girlfriends and I got together with our guys for empanadas, wine, games, and Christmas-y fun. We joke that it's sort of a Christmas miracle that we all 4 have boyfriends/husbands at the same time(!).

Wednesday was Christmas Eve and we celebrated with my family. Our celebration included cinnamon rolls for breakfast, opening gifts, shepherd's pie for dinner, and the Christmas Eve service at my Episcopal church.

Henry got an alligator for Christmas.
His favorite part is the wrapping paper, tissue, bags, and boxes. 
I got Amanda this bag with a shih tzu that looks just like Johann!
My parents got Michael Garrett's popcorn with Wrigley Field on the can (Henry was quite interested). 
My sister-in-law, brother, Michael, and me - before the Christmas Eve service.
My favorite picture of Michael and me, so far. 
Christmas Day (Thursday) we celebrated with Michael's family, at his sister's home. I gave his niece and nephew small, little stocking-stuffer type gifts. 

I was really happy that his niece liked the little notepad I gave her. 
It also makes me happy that Michael's family loves NPR.
Michael gave his sister this dancing, singing chihuahua as a joke and his little niece loved it. So cute!
I have Michael's nephew some stick on mustaches and near the end of the evening started playing with them myself. 
Friday Michael and I recuperated from the long, festive week by resting all day. In the evening we used a Chili's gift card for dinner and went to look at Christmas lights in the ritzy part of Houston.

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty low key. Saturday evening we had drinks with another couple (at D&T - it was cold!!!) and Sunday we had dinner at PF Chang's and played games with my family before my brother and sister-in-law headed back to College Station, 

It was a pretty great Christmas week and now I am looking forward to New Year's Eve!!!

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