Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Eggs for every meal!


This is what Michael calls a Bachelor Breakfast: turkey sausage crumbles and melted cheese in a tortilla. But it was very tasty.
Toast with Country Crock margarine, strawberry jelly, and a banana.


Scrambled eggs with cheese and frozen veggies that were cooked in bacon fat. 
This was SO good!
These are delicious.
One of my Nibblr snacks for this month. I hadn't had corn nuts in a long time. Fairly good.

Small group dinner: Potato soup made in my friend's crock pot with cheese and bacon and black grapes on the side.
Empanadas at Marini's Empanada House.
Breafast for Dinner! Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and a biscuit with apple butter.


These super thin, German ginger cookies were 6 for only 130 calories!
Menchie's (mine is on the right) and consisted of: cinnamon, pumpkin, and toasted marshmallow yogurts; shredded coconut, Sno-caps, cinnamon dough bits, Butterfinger, chocolate covered pretzel pieces, 1 gummi peach ring, and a bit of hot fudge. 

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