Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: Black Keys, a macabre tour, and Happy Birthday, Henry!

This weekend was so fun!

It was my last weekend house sitting for my friend. So, I had to pack up my stuff, move out, and say bye to this kitty kitty. 
I will miss him.
On Saturday, after Michael helped me pack up and we ate breakfast, I accompanied Michael on an interview for his job. He was interviewing David G. McAfee, who has written a couple of books about being atheist. It was a very interesting topic and fascinating to see how Michael conducts interviews. This interview will air on Thursday (I believe) on Houston Matters.

After the interview we were hungry for dinner. So, we tried Marini's Empanada House. I have heard about Marini's for years and was excited to try it. The empanadas were definitely delicious. I think the only other times I've had empanadas is when my friend Paula's mom makes an Argentinian version.

Michael and I both got combos with one savory empanada, one sweet empanada, and curly fries. And they had spicy ketchup! But then something weird happened. Michael and I were both eating our savory empanadas and we asked each other if we wanted to taste each others'. Michael commented that his was sweeter than he was expecting. I took a bite of his and immediately knew that it was the sweet, dulce de leche dessert empanada that I had ordered. However, the supposedly sweet empanadas were covered in powdered sugar. I broke mine open and it was the chocolate one Michael had ordered. He broke his sweet one open and it was the savory one I had ordered. So, they gave us the wrong meals and in my meal that covered the wrong empanada in powdered sugar. Kind of crazy, but no big deal, really.

Looks can be deceiving.
The highlight of the meal was the people sitting behind us. Just look at those hats! We were covertly listening to their conversation (and taking pictures, obviously) and it was so funny. They were talking about music and how they can't relate to anything from modern times. OK, it sounds really mean that we were listening and now we're making fun of them, but it was just amusing and entertaining. I love it that people like that exists - makes the world a richer place. And funnier.

After dinner we went home to watch more of The Walking Dead. Michael has gotten me hooked! He's up to date, but I'm only in season 2 (he's re-watching them with me).

Then it was time for the Black Keys concert! Michael's sister and brother-in-law bought him tickets for his birthday and he was kind enough to take me with him. It was a great concert and just my style because they were SEATS. Ha, I felt so old at this concert....there were plenty of people our age, but when we got there, teenagers were in our seats and I had to ask them to move. I felt like a mom. Haha.

Sunday was this sleepy, beautiful man's birthday! Happy 6th Birthday, Henry!

Also, on Sunday, I decided to take Michael on a tour of Clear Lake. Mostly, a murder-themed tour. I know that sounds macabre, but we're both interested in true crimes, and there have been several notable ones in Clear Lake, so we had to see where they actually place!

The first stop was a non-murder sight: My old high school. Ah, the memories and the gratefulness that it's over. Just kidding. I actually enjoyed high school for the most part. But still, believe it or not, being in your 30's is better. 
My brick.
My brother's brick.
Second stop was probably the most disturbing crime of them all: The Andrea Yates house. 

Next up was the somewhat recent murder that took place across from a Kroger (now affectionately dubbed - by me - "Murder Kroger"). There are no pictures of this stop. 

After 2 murder sites, we had worked up an appetite for...frozen yogurt! Right now, Menchie's has some of my favorite flavors - pumpkin and cinnamon roll! SO delicious!

Then it was back on the murder track. This is the house where 4 Clear Lake teenagers were murdered

Then, to break up the macabre with some cuteness, we stopped by Bay Area Park. I have always loved the duck pond there. We saw ducks, a raccoon, geese, cats, and deer! It was WONDERFUL!

Our last stop was the Nassua Bay Hilton to see where Clara Harris ran over her husband multiple times. Sad because I've always thought that Hilton was so pretty, with excellent views.

After our murder tour we went to my parents' home. Michael has met my parents before, but he had never been to their home, so this was new and fun. We all unloaded my car and then chatted and Michael got a chance to get to know Henry (my one, true dog love).

My parents made a delicious dinner and appetizers. Then Michael, my mom, and I took Henry to Sonic for his annual birthday burger (dry, with nothing on it).

Here's my baby boy, waiting for his burger.
Waiting patiently with grandma.
Enjoying his birthday dinner.
After Sonic we went back home, chatted with my parents a bit, and then called it a night.

I leave with a cheesy picture of Michael and me, in a heart. Happy Monday!

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