Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap: Ready for the holidays!

This weekend was fun and relaxing. It began early on Friday when my department at work hosted our 2nd annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament. The majors within our department compete against each other for a prize. The winning team gets a golden chalice... 

The last place team gets the inflatable unicorn of shame (aka Iggy)...

Friday night a group of friends and I had a Chinatown adventure. First, we ate dinner at Mala Sichuan. I'm going to be honest with you: this was a little too authentic for me. There were some items on the menu that will haunt me for life.

After dinner we had dessert at Juice Box. Shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk, ice cream, and fresh fruit. Pretty yummy!

After dessert we headed to a karaoke club that was very empty. Nonetheless, we got a private little booth and some of us sang. The place looked really cool, it was just weird because no one was there.

Saturday was pretty relaxing after a long week. I did laundry and rested. That evening I went to dinner with my parents, aunt, and uncle at one of favorite German restaurants. My aunt and uncle surprised my dad by having them bring him a piece of cake and sing happy birthday. Look how thrilled he looks (he does not like a lot of attention)...

We also had flaming "Good Night Coffee" for dessert. It included quite the presentation. 

My aunt and me with our Good Night coffees (I shared mine with my mom and dad).

Sunday, during the day, I prepared an apple tart and mashed potatoes for a get together later that evening. 
Cookies and Cups Apple Tart.
Pioneer Woman Mashed Potatoes
Later that evening I went to church with a friend and then we went to a Thanksgiving-themed get together that was really fun.
I stole this picture from my church group's facebook page.
This weekend really put me in the holiday spirit. The last few years I haven't really loved the holidays, but this year I am looking forward to them. I am ready for cooler weather (we're finally getting a bit in Houston this week), holiday foods, family, and friends!

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