Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: time to regulate

This week I've started counting calories and exercising again. After the 2 weddings I was in this summer I think I felt a sense of freedom and just didn't want to worry about eating and exercising for a while. Plus, it was HOT and I was busy. Now that it's getting a little cooler, life is a little calmer, and my clothes are a little tighter, I'm inspired to get back to self discipline. Or at least attempts at it. 

Kid-sized chewy granola bar. I did not mean to get kid-sized...
Fage plain Greek yogurt with mango topping and fresh raspberries underneath. 
Breakfast from my dad: Scrambled eggs with cheese, a tomato slice, breakfast potatoes with ketchup, bacon, strawberries, and an English muffin with butter and apple butter. Oh, and coffee with coconut milk creamer. So good!

DELICIOUS salt and vinegar rice crackers. Loved these!
Guacamole with cucumber and yellow bell pepper. Yum!
Yellow bell pepper, cucumber, Spanish green olives, hummus, multi-grain pita chips.
Happy Hour Dinner at Mockingbird Bistro: Bistro burger with pickles, fries, garlicky mayonnaise, and a bourbon cocktail. 
Food I stole from an event on campus: peppery water crackers, Swiss cheese, a strawberry, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon 
Coffee with coconut milk creamer and a fun size Milky Way at work. Caffeine and sugar make the workday possible. 
Dessert from Red Dessert Dive: a debusker (cookie/brownie combo) and vanilla lavender ice cream (I didn't eat the ice cream, it was a friend's). 
Menchie's frozen yogurt: toasted marshmallow and chocolate cookie yogurts with cookie dough bits, chocolate sprinkles, Butterfinger pieces, mini m&m's, mini Oreo's, and a little hot fudge. 

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