Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap: Welcome Home!

This past weekend ended my 3-week stay at my friend's home while she was out of the country on business. I enjoyed house and cat-sitting for her, but it is also good to have her back home and to be back at my own home.
Friday I had a very enjoyable evening with someone who shall remain nameless for now. :)
Saturday I cleaned my friend's house in preparation for her arrival back home. In the evening I went to another friend's husband's birthday party. Her husband grilled tons of MEAT and I don't think I've eaten that much meat in one sitting in a long time (or maybe ever). It was delicious, but very out of character for me because I'm not a huge meat eater.
Before the party a friend and I stopped at Fiesta because we were looking for flan for the birthday boy. Fiesta didn't have flan, but they did have this scantily clad man...posing seductively...on top of a cake. So weird.
Later on Saturday night we met up with another friend's bachelorette party at Grand Prize Bar and really only stayed for one drink and to chat a bit.
Sunday morning I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at home with the cutest tan and white man in the entire universe. He enjoyed some bacon.
I'm not sure why his eye looks so shaded...that's not what it really looks like!
Sunday evening I had Happy Hour at Mockingbird Bistro (they have HH on the weekends!) with a couple of friends, one of whom just got back from London. She brought us souvenirs! I got Autumn tea and a mug from Harrod's, along with cute little English honeys and jams. I want to make some scones to try them with!

So, it was a very nice weekend! We even had some cooler "fall like" temperatures in perpetually balmy Houston. Now looking forward to a nice (if not more humid) week!

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