Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Everything is explained

These are the pictures I took of what I ate over the past week....and why. Fascinating!
I was running a highly necessary errand in Target and I wanted something salty. These were like a cross between a goldfish cracker and Cheetos. Yum.

OK, I also wanted something sweet. These are so good! I'm kind of obsessed now.

My one true love: Plan Greek Yogurt with strawberries and honey.

Some sort of cocktail from 11:11.

Happy Hour burger and fries (and more fries!) from 11:11. My friend and I didn't realize the burger came WITH fries, so we ordered truffle Parmesan fries to share. We were full of fries that night. Which means it was a spectacular night.

Another (more delicious) cocktail from 11:11.

Sesame Ezekiel bread with turkey and Monterrey Jack cheese. And Lynda!

Fried wonton bits at Qin Dynasty.

A small fried spring roll with sweet and sour sauce at Qin Dynasty.

The "Leather Elbows" cold coffee cocktail at The Honeymoon.

A Manhattan at Little Dipper.

The snicker doodle ice cream sandwich from The Honeymoon.

Leftover tabbouleh rice, chicken, and mint sauce from my dad.

Baby shower cake from The Cake Lady.

Beignets and another cold coffee cocktail from The Honeymoon.

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