Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap: a honeymoon and my foot

This was a very nice, relaxing, friend-filled weekend.
Recently I heard about this new coffee/cocktail shop called The Honeymoon and I bookmarked it as a place I'd like to visit. Little did I know I'd soon go twice in one weekend. Yes, I lived at The Honeymoon this weekend.
The first visit took place on Friday. Ashley and I met after dinner for a drink and dessert. I had a cold coffee cocktail, she had a regular caramel cappuccino, and we split the snicker doodle ice cream sandwich. It was all fabulous. The décor, ambiance, drinks, dessert. Loved it all!
A drink called "Leather Elbows" at The Honeymoon.
Later we went to Little Dipper, where I had a Manhattan.
Clearly. Because the second visit took place on Saturday night. My friend Kristen and I went to dinner and afterwards I told her I had to show her this new place, The Honeymoon. This time I tried two different cold coffee cocktails (which means I tried all the cold coffee cocktails they have to offer. You can read about my experience here) and Kristen and I split the beignets. Which were just so-so. Nonetheless, I'm clearly a fan.
The so-so beignets, a drink called "Mild Best Wishes" and one called the "Corpse Reviver".
What else happened this weekend, besides numerous visits to the same place? In no particular order....
1. During a routine pedicure my foot was grated to within an inch of it's life. Ok, that's dramatic; I came home with a painful abrasion. Going to lay off the pedicures for a bit. Keeping it clean and bandaged until it heals. And I was still pleased with the new fall color on my hands and feet. It's OPI's Skating on Thin Ice-Land.
The abrasion.
2. Laid out by the pool before it got really rainy.
3. Went to a baby shower for my cousin's girlfriend. So many babies are coming on both my mom's and dad's sides of the family.
Cute baby shower cake.
4. Watched a bunch of Six Feet Under.
5. Did laundry.
6. Took a few naps.
7. Cuddled a lot with Symba (a cat).
8. Saw the most handsome little boy in the world.
Henry. My heart. His pit bull head was TOO heavy to hold up all by himself.
I love refreshing weekends!

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