Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: Capturing the Memories

So, I did lots of fun and exciting stuff this weekend, but I took pictures of none of those things. 

What I did...
What I took pictures of...
Saturday afternoon, Symba, on the bed.
I added a coat of glitter polish to my nails on Saturday.
My mom met Symba on Saturday and they bonded immediately.
I discovered the best wrapping paper in the world at the British store.
Kristen picked up my finished product from the Mad Potter. I love it!
Henry had deep thoughts on Labor Day.
Clearly, I failed at documenting this weekend. Oh well, the memories are in my head and who doesn't want to see pictures of cat wrapping paper and my glittery finger nails? Surely, those are the memories I'll treasure in 30 years...

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