Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Out of Control

This week was hard for me, eating wise. I like to have the philosophy that special occasions allow for "fun eating" (aka unhealthy eating), but what happens when those special occasions come frequently?
Half of a sausage and cheese kolache, grapes, and cantaloupe.
Half of a cinnamon roll with grapes and cantaloupe.
Lots of grapes.
It seems like every morning when I wake up, there is something to celebrate. A birthday, a new job, a graduation, a going away party, a welcome back party, etc. And it's really hard for me to say no. When friends are celebrating with wine or cake or margaritas or whatever, it's extremely difficult for me to not partake. It feels like I'm missing out on something important.
Cajun chicken stew with white rice, roasted cauliflower, salad, and the BEST coffee ever. From the new Paper Co restaurant.

An amazing, iced brownie and more of that delicious coffee.
At the same time, I do not want to consume alcohol, sugar, and other unhealthy foods as frequently as I currently do. This is so, so difficult for me. 

I think the answer might be in finding healthy foods that are actually fun to eat. I can't have the garden salad and water while my friends are all eating the deep dish pepperoni pizza with red wine. I just won't choose to do that. 

Cute little gummi candies.
The Margherita Pizza from Luna Pizzeria.
Isha and the Mushroom Pizza from Luna.
I can't choke down an egg white omelet with steamed veggies every morning and green tea. Not for the long haul.

Frozen margaritas.
White wine at Mad Potter.
I need answers and changes that are sustainable and enjoyable. So, I'm researching that. Kind of. 
As I get older I know it will be more important for me to keep a healthier diet. Maybe the seeds of change are being planted now. The Lord knows it's been a long journey for me, my body image, and my health. 
Penguin cake!
A slice of penguin cake.
I believe most of my meals are at least fairly healthy, it's eating sugar that really gets me into trouble. Desserts and candy are my weakness. I've looked at those 21-day sugar detoxes and some of the recipes seem doable, but I know "giving up sugar" is not realistic for me long term. Cutting back? Yes. Giving up? Not so much. 
First day of school and HBU cookies.
So, anyway, I share all this with strangers and nobody because....well, it feels good to be vulnerable....with strangers and nobody.

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