Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend Recap: Penguin Cake!

This was a very fun and busy weekend!

On Friday I started housing sitting for a friend who has a precious cat named Symba! This is a really fun job because a) her house is so cozy and decorated so nicely and b) it's really easy to take care of Symba (plus, I love animals!). 
Symba, enjoying some quiet time in bed. 
On Saturday Ashley and I had lunch with our friend Scott who lives in Dallas. We both went to grad school with Scott, but I also went to undergrad with him as well. He was in town for a wedding and it was so great to see him. We wish he lived in Houston, but at least we get to see him from time to time when we're in Dallas or he's in Houston. 

Saturday was also the day I made THE Penguin Cake. I like to make special-request cakes for my friends and family. My friend Kristen's birthday was this month and since her favorite animal is a penguin, she requested THE Penguin Cake. I debated about different ways to make a penguin cake, but then I found this one on Pinterest and decided it actually didn't seem too difficult. 

When the time came to actually make the cake I was very nervous and was expecting a Cake Wreck. But I was wrong! It didn't come out as I had envisioned, but it was still really cute and a success, overall. Most importantly, Kristen loved it. 

He's a short, fat penguin. 
The Penguin Cake, Kristen, and Me
On Saturday night we celebrated Kristen's birthday. We had dinner at the Original Ninfa's on Navigation

Kristen and I sharing a romantic margarita. 

I got to see Paula for the first time after her wedding!

Then we went to Mad Potter to paint pottery. 

I chose an elephant mug. His trunk is the handle!
I was "Jessica".
Paula, Kristen, and Me with our pottery
My finished (but not glazed) elephant mug. 
Ashley's masterpiece. 
After painting pottery we went to Ashley's home and had penguin cake and Kristen opened gifts. 

Sunday I rested, grocery shopped, and made cheesecake bars for my friend Brittany's going-away party. That evening we hosted her party at our friend Caroline's home. Caroline's fiance grilled and I drank too much sangria. Ha. The party was a merging of people from my work world and my Episcopal church world. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, so you will just have to trust me when I say it was a good time. And a good weekend. 

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