Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap: Paula's Bachelorette Party and me, melting down...

Here I am at the beginning of the evening. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Ready to take on my THIRD bachelorette party in 3 weekends. Hair and make-up, done. New dress, on. Good attitude, check. 

With the help of a fellow bridesmaid, I pretty much planned and organized this party. Which, I enjoyed. I like throwing parties, shopping for supplies and decorations, decorating, making food, planning games, etc. I think it's fun. I even enjoy sort of "being in charge" - telling people how to play the games and all that jazz.

One game we played was "Guess How Many Wine Corks are in this Vase"...
Ashley, making her guess. She actually ended up winning...!
We also played a guessing game. You held up lips if you thought the bride was the answer and a mustache, if you thought it was the groom.
I definitely enjoy the drinking aspect of parties. One of the bridesmaid's husbands made delicious and strong cocktails for us. We had raspberry mojitos, peach mojitos, margaritas, frozen strawberry margaritas, wine, Jell-O shots, and buttery nipple shots with whipped cream. And let me put out a disclaimer: Everyone drank responsibly and no one got drunk. This was all good, clean fun and there was a TON of food (that I didn't really get pictures of) to balance out the booze. 
Here are the 2 varieties of mojitos and glasses, rimmed with salt, and ready for drinking!
Watermelon Jell-O shot.
Buttery Nipple with whipped cream....yes, you might know what that's called...

The bride was instructed to do a shot pretty much as soon as she arrived - to get the party started!
The bride and her future sister-in-law/one of the bridesmaids. 
Bride with her Jell-O shot. 
Later we all did another round.
The part of bachelorette parties I don't enjoy is the clubbing. I'm not much of a clubber. The dancing, the loud music, the being out late, the crowds....just not my thing. But, I've been a trooper....for the past 3 weeks. Unfortunately, this past weekend, I unexpectedly lost my gusto. By the time the party was over and we arrived at a dancing place in Midtown, I was already done. I had no energy to even try to act like I was enjoying clubbing. So, by about 1 am, I knew I had to leave. I was kind of in a bad mood and didn't want to put a damper on anyone else's experience. 

This wedding season has been in full force for me since May 31st. This past weekend was the last hurrah, as far as showers go. I've truly enjoyed it all and remained pretty stress-free, but this weekend it caught up with me and that disappointed me. I want to be positive, grateful, and enjoy these events because the brides are 2 of my closest friends and it really is a lot of fun. 

Based on my feelings on Saturday night though, I decided to make Sunday a total hermit-day. I did not leave my house, slept a lot, and watched a lot of Netflix. I feel MUCH better. 

Now all I have left is the weddings - one this weekend and one next....
I try to remember and focus on the reason for all this activity - great friends! I am so thankful for my friends. They make my life fun, funny, and meaningful. May I focus on that these final two weeks! And how HAPPY I am for Paula!!!

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