Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekend Recap: Desiree's Bachelorette Party

The weekend started on Friday with a surprise visit from one of my favorite students.

His visit brought out some of my other favorite students.

It didn't take him long to look for food in the office break room. All I had was some milk to give him. He drank the entire quart in one sitting. Whole milk. It's his trademark that he's always hungry and always scrounging for free food. 

While he was in town he had the opportunity to open the Emergency Drinking Water that a few of us got him at an Army surplus store in Galveston, earlier in June. It was very anticlimactic. The closed can had been making a very gloopy sound, but when we opened it, it was just regular water. With a few brown specks floating in it.

Saturday morning I got my hair done. Highlights!

Saturday night I threw a Bachelorette Party for my best friend from high school. We held the party portion in a hotel room in downtown Houston. 
This was the spread of snacks. We also had a wine bar going.
Desiree opened gifts. 
And wore a fun sash.
Then we went to Pete's Piano Bar. This was my first time to go to Pete's and it was really more fun than I expected.

They called all the people celebrating special events up on stage. 
Then we got a limo to take us to our next destinations.
Yes, those are my legs. 
We went to a few different clubs and ultimately ended the night with a delicious meal at Katz's. Des and I spent the night in the hotel room. The next morning we woke up and went downstairs for a breakfast of coffee and bagels. Then we went back up to the room and ate cake in bed.

The whole party went very well and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. Most importantly, Desiree enjoyed it, felt celebrated, and lived up her last night out as an unmarried woman!

BFF's for 17 years and counting...

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