Monday, July 21, 2014

Weeked Recap: Desiree's Wedding and it is finished!!!

This weekend marked the end of a long wedding season for me. I have been attending, hosting, organizing, planning, and preparing for wedding events since mid-May. It's been a blast, but it's also been exhausting and expensive. I am relieved that both of my friends, Paula and Desiree, are now happily married and that my duties as Maid of Honor were accomplished. I feel like I can exhale. Joyfully and gratefully. It's a good kind of tired. A just got through with a tough run kind of tired. Glad you did it, but also glad it's over.  

Desiree's wedding weekend began Friday, at lunch time, with manicures and pedicures. I got shellac on my nails for the first time and really like it!
The bride requested that we all get French manicures and pedicures. And that's a towel on my lap, covering my skirt. I'm not wearing a terrycloth skirt. :)
Later that afternoon we had the rehearsal at the venue and then had a very fun and delicious rehearsal dinner at Sambuca

Lots of white wine was consumed by me.
All week long, as documented in previous posts, I have been eating extremely healthily (for me) in hopes of  fitting into my bridesmaid dress. Well, all that went out the window at about midnight, the night before the wedding, when the bride and I ordered a pizza and sweet potato fries. It was delicious and fun, but I'm going to say it made me retain water because while my dress fit just fine, I think it would have fit better without that cheesy, salty, carb-y pizza. 

No regrets.

The bride, on the eve of her wedding, lying in bed, about to have a junk food fest. :)

Saturday morning started bright and early with hair appointments!
The bride, getting her hair done.
Me, getting my hair done. Excuse the less than excited look on my face...
After our hair appointments, we made a Starbucks stop. 
By the time we got back to the hotel, the make-up artists were about to arrive. They did our make-up in the hotel room and we all got ready.

This is my finished product: hair, make-up, nails, dress, and shoes. Ready. 
Once we were all dressed, it was time for the photographers and videographers to come and take seemingly endless pictures and videos. 
Here they are filming the rings and one of Desiree's shoes. 
Now, taking pictures of the dress. 
Finally it was time to go to the venue and get the bride dressed!
Des and her mom being photographed. 
And videoed.
Two of the bridesmaids, getting the bride's shoes on.
All finished. 
It was a beautiful wedding!

My shoes, while I was waiting to walk down the aisle. 
The cake. 
The bouquets. 
Des and Robert did fun little movie posters for the outside of the venue. 
The food was delicious!

These fancy salads were at our table as soon as the reception started. 
These were the centerpieces for the dinner tables. 
The cake was pretty. 
We said farewell with sparklers. 
It was a wonderful wedding and I hope they have a great time on their honeymoon in Rome!
Sunday was my mom's birthday! I didn't take many pictures, but we celebrated with Mexican food, fruit tart, and gifts. My dad got my mom a hammock for the backyard. 

Henry and my brother gave it a try. 
Overall, a very eventful and fun weekend! Wedding Season, see you later!

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