Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: pretty fruit salad was the highlight

Well, it's Wednesday again. And it's VERY warm and HUMID in Houston today. Not good eating weather. But I persevere. :)

A few weeks ago I posted about how I had decided that eating more than 1100 calories per day was the healthiest and most beneficial option. I'm happy to report that after a couple of weeks of eating at least 1700 calories per day, I'd say my pants are feeling a little looser. Instead of struggling and stressing to stay around 1200, I'm actually enjoying what I'm eating and not worrying about it. I'm still trying to be health conscious and exercise at least a few times a week, but that's fun and how I want to live. I do not want to live feeling deprived and frustrated just so I can be a certain size. Not fun. I was talking to a few girls over the weekend and one of them commented that she "couldn't" eat bread or she would gain weight. I understand limiting your bread intake or being selective about what kinds of bread you eat, but a life without bread (especially if you really enjoy it) does not sound like a full, happy life. 

Here are some of my meals and snacks from the week that made me very happy...

Friday: Nature Valley Peanut Butter crunchy granola bar while I drive to work. 
Saturday: Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast with jam. 
Sunday: Kashi Raisin Vineyard with skim, leftover rose water fruit salad, and coffee with skim.
Tuesday: Dark chocolate, cherry, and cashew KIND bar while I drive to work.
Wednesday: Strawberry Blueberry Scone (this is before they were baked).
Sunday: This looks like breakfast, but it was actually lunch/brunch. A brie omelette, breakfast potatoes, fruit, and turkey sausage at Lowbrow
Friday: Chicken kabobs, Greek salad, white beans, and pita bread at Zoe's
Saturday: My plate at Desiree's Bridal Shower: half of a ham sandwich on a croissant, crackers with brie, habanero-cranberry salsa, and Boursin herb cheese, rose water fruit salad, veggies and ranch.
Monday: my plate at small group: Caesar salad, pork roast, half a red velvet cake doughnut, and 1/2 a sugar cookie. 
Tuesday: 2 black bean and beef tacos.
Does a Diet Coke with Splenda count as a snack? I don't think so. 
Friday: Graeter's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and red wine.
Rose water fruit salad with rose water whipped cream. 
Happy eating!

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