Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap: Summer is here!

This weekend truly felt like summer. And by that I mean: it was HOT, humid, and I ate lots of ice cream/gelato/snow cones!

My brother and sister-in-law were in town and it was their dog, Johann's birthday on Saturday. Dog birthdays are a big deal in our family. My parents got him a can of whipped cream to celebrate. Johann loves whipped cream and looks very funny when he eats it. Of course Henry got to celebrate his cousin Johann's birthday with a taste of whipped cream as well!

On Saturday I also went to visit one of my students who's doing an internship in Galveston. Regardless of what people say, I really love Galveston. 

We had lunch at one of my favorite places - Mosquito Cafe - and then went browsing in the shops on the The Strand. 
We found Emergency Drinking Water in an army surplus store. It sounded like it had the texture of J-ello when you shook the can. 

I found this cute sleepy mouse glass in an antiques store. 

Some of us had ice cream at La King's. I always got mint chocolate chip when I was a kid, so this felt nostalgic. 

In front of La King's. My hair = FRIZZ. 

Sunday, after church, I had a really nice afternoon with church friends, and especially a friend who's in town from Africa, where she now works. I attend 2 churches and while I was eating lunch with a group from one church, I ran into a group from the others. My worlds collided and it was kind of weird. 
Gelato on Sunday. 
This was my last free weekend before the bridal extravaganza begins. Starting next weekend, I have a wedding-related event every weekend until the end of July. I can do this!...

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