Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: Desiree's Bridal Shower

The Bride, Desiree, and me. 
This summer (I may have mentioned), I am in two weddings. My best friend from high school, Desiree, and my best friend from college, Paula, are both getting married in July. A week apart from each other. Wedding Season has taken on a whole new meaning this year...

Saturday night was the first shower of the season, for me. We celebrated Desiree's Bridal Shower at her home and here are some pictures from the event. It really went much better than I was expecting and I had a lot of fun! I think Desiree did too. 

The delicious array of food. 

The rosewater fruit salad I contributed.  This recipe is seriously amazing
The Bridesmaid (only missing one). 
Other weekend fun included a hair and makeup day with my friend Alexandra...

And Henry playing with photo booth props. These were actually game pieces for one of the games we played at Desiree's shower. And it definitely wasn't Henry's idea to goof around with them.

Stay tuned for many more wedding-themed Weekend Recaps...

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