Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Not a lot to say

Saturday morning donuts from River Oaks Donuts. Last meal with my wonderful roommate. 
Sunday morning Mueller with mango yogurt. This is me, trying to be healthy. 
Late Sunday morning Shipley donut at the pool. This is me, giving up on being healthy. 
Monday morning zucchini bread from The Fresh Market and coffee with skim milk. 
Side of strawberries for lunch. 
Partially eaten Mediterranean hummus in a wheat tortilla and Birdseye Asian Medley veggies. 
Sunday afternoon buffalo cheeseburger, jalapeno potato salad, and Diet Coke from Bubba's Burger Shack. 
Monday afternoon leftover pizza from Bada Bing and lemon orzo from The Fresh Market. 
Friday night Tex Mex dinner at La Tapatia. 
Saturday night dinner: chicken strips, mashed potatoes, asparagus, dinner roll. 
Delicious taco and sangria, made by a very sweet friend. 
Memorial Day hamburger, hot dog, and homemade French fries. 
Pasta with oven toasted tomatoes, olive, Parmesan, and a side salad. 
Very dimly lit fried cauliflower and wing sauce from The Sandy Witch on Saturday night. 
Smokehouse almonds for a snack. 
Banana with peanut butter at work. 
Half a brownie and coffee with coconut milk creamer. 
One little Hershey's Nugget with almonds. 
Cloud 10 Creamery chocolate cherry sorbet in a waffle cone. 
Strawberry Gateau. 
Wasatch Devastator at The Hay Merchant, while I waited for my friend. 
White wine at La Carafe. 

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