Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Happy Memorial Day and Strawberry Gateau!

This weekend truly felt like the beginning of summer. I went to the pool for the first time this season, got a little bit of a sunburn/tan, ate hamburgers and hot dogs, and made a strawberry shortcake inspired cake.

First, the Cake of the Month for May was a choice. The Cake Slice Bakers selected 4 cakes from the book we're currently using and then we got to choose which one we wanted to bake. I went with the Strawberry Gateau because it sounded light, refreshing, and summery. And it was! 
From above. 
Please excuse my pictures. On the day I made the cake, it was pouring rain outside and there was no natural light to be had. However, I was pleased with how the cake came out. Mostly. I had never made a gateau before, so the process was interesting. I'm kind of hoping mine didn't come out right though because I thought the cake part was kind of dry and tough. I also didn't like the Grand Marnier in the sugar syrup and whipped cream (although I subbed Triple Sec because I already had that). I wish I had left the liqueur out and added more powdered sugar to the whipped cream. I didn't think it was sweet enough. 
From the side. 
This cake was a very good Memorial Day dessert, but I think I could have gotten the same (or better) results from a much simpler cake. 

A slice.
A here are more pictures of Memorial Day Weekend fun...

Here's some exciting news (and possibly more proof that I'm crazy): I started an Instagram account for my dog! Follow him and his handsome adorableness @henrythepit!

Henry choosing between a celebratory hot dog or hamburger. In reality he only got bites of both. 

Fun at the pool with friends. 

College/grad school friend, Amie, came into town and we went to La Carafe.

Ashley at La Carafe - was a nice night for the balcony.

Hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day weekend!



Laura@Baking in Pyjamas said...

That looks lovely, I like how you've decorated it with the strawberries.

Sandra Lee said...

Looks like you had a fun Memorial Day accompanied by a great dessert!

Felice Geoghegan said...

I love how your cake turned out. I almost chose this one too, but changed my mind at the last minute. After seeing yours, I think I will have to try it too.

EmilyC said...

Henry is handsome!! And your cake is lovely!

Bea Long said...

I LOVE it and Oh Lord honey Henry the pit is to cute!!! Yep you are definitely in our group ..LOL your cake is WOW!!!

Paloma said...

Wow! Beautiful! Perfect for Memorial Day! :) Great job Melanie! :) How fun!

OvenDelights said...

I haven't properly kicked off my summer yet...and I'm quite annoyed. No back yard barbecue or summer dessert, no summer cocktail! Ugh! I've got to slow down and plan my evenings ahead of time before summer passes me up!

The Ninja Baker said...

Hilarious that you started an Instagram account for your doggy! Maybe I should start one for my kitty =)

On a serious note, your cake looks and sounds fantabulous...And triple sec in the cream sounds like it'd be a great idea =)