Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: French Fries!!!

I have been eating so healthily, as of late. For instance, last night's dinner consisted of chips and salsa and an entire chocolate bunny I received at Easter (about 3 oz of chocolate) - no picture included!

Anyway, here's the truth...

Starbucks grande misto and blueberry scone. This was my reward for going to the dentist. 
Multigrain puffins with almond milk and coffee before the NCE. 
Kashi bar and coffee with half and half. 
Green smoothie consisting of: frozen mango, frozen banana, almond milk, OJ, spinach, and vanilla Vega One powder. 
Almond milk and dry multigrain Puffins. Yes, sometimes I eat like a child. 
Lemon snow pea pasta with chicken (and obviously a healthy amount of black pepper). Stole this from my parents' freezer. 
Peppered turkey and baby Swiss on a sandwich thin. Mmmm. 
Vegetable barley soup and baguette. I ate much more of this bread than what is pictured. 

Gourmet salmon, mashed potatoes with Parmesan, and asparagus. This is what happens when I eat dinner at my parents' home. This was like a Wednesday. 
Multigrain pita chips, spicy hummus, an apple, and salted caramel hazelnut spread. This is what happens when I eat dinner at my home. And I'm watching Breaking Bad. 
Hamburger and fries at Lowbrow. 
Unseen almond butter and cherry jam in a tortilla. Snack before running. 
Sometimes this student brings me French fries. 
He MUST stop!!!
A DELICIOUS margarita at The Pastry War.
A DELICIOUS champagne cocktail from Goro and Gun. Celebrating passing the NCE.
Two cute little Reesester bunnies. 
A souvenir from a friend who went to Nashville. SO YUMMY!

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