Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap: Diva Run!

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I joined a running group called Power in Motion and met my good friend, Kristen. Neither one of us was runners, but we learned to run together and eventually ran our first 5K in early November 2011. After that we've run a couple of other 5K's together. 

Kristen went on to train for half marathons, while I eventually went back to my non-running ways. This past January I decided to take up running again and joined PIM again. Since Kristen knew I was running again, she invited me to do the Diva Run with her - she did the half (her fourth this year) and I did the 5K. 

The race was in Galveston on Sunday, but we had to pick up our packets on Saturday. So, we decided to make Saturday a fun Galveston day. We got our packets, walked on the beach, and had a really delicious meal at Landry's. Then, since we knew we had to get up ridiculously early for the run, we went to my parents' home (since it's closer to Galveston), and tried to go to bed early. And Kristen got to meet Henry!

The beach was very windy and a little cold!
The weather for the run was great - not too hot or sunny (I hate running in the sun). Although it was a little windy and humid. I really enjoyed the Diva Run. I do not really relate to the term diva, but I do like pink, champagne, roses, and sparkly medals. I enjoyed this run because I had fun with it. I've learned from other 5K's that if I make myself miserable, I will hate it and never want to do it again. So, now when I run, I like to challenge myself, but also enjoy it. Which I definitely did with this run. 
Before the race in our tutus.
My dad took this picture at the beginning of the 5K. 
Right after I finished the 5K. They gave us champagne, a feather boa, a rose, a tiara, and a medal. Jeez. It was a lot to hold onto. 
After the run we went and had a really good breakfast (and coffee!!!!) on The Strand. Then it was time to go home, shower, and take a loooong nap! A very fun weekend!

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