Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Confession: I like to eat in bed

I'm not sure how this started. I'm going to blame it on my time in Portland. When I first moved to Portland I lived in a house with a single mom and her two rambunctious kids. Often, for privacy's sake and because I can be antisocial, I would take my meals up to my room, sit in my bed (there was no where else to sit), watch a movie, and eat my meal.

Other times, while living in Portland, I would hang out at my friend Erin's house and since her TV was located in her bedroom, we would eat in her bed while watching Breaking Bad, Pushing Daisies, or even The OC.

Eventually I moved into my own apartment in Portland, but it was a studio apartment and had no living room, so once again, I'd sit on my bed to eat. Same thing happened when I moved to my own (studio) apartment in Houston.

It wasn't until I started sharing an apartment with my current roommate that I realized this eating in bed tendency was possibly weird or at least the behavior of a slob. I noticed my roommate never carried plates of food to her room. She ate at the dining room table. That's when I started to become self conscious.

Even though we have a very nice dining room table that seats six, I still prefer eating in my bed. Now, I make myself eat at the table because it's the most civil, social thing to do. And I often have lovely conversations with my roommate at the dinner table.

But, when no one is home, I still like climbing into bed with a snack, dinner, or dessert and turning on The Daily Show.
See the pink material with little pink roses on it? Yep, those are my bed sheets. :) :) :) 

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