Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap: "Severe Allergies" Edition

I don't mean to complain, but this weekend was....ugh.

It started on Thursday when I felt like I was coming down with yet another head cold. This would make the fifth or sixth of the 2013-14 season. And I normally only get about one cold per year. I was so annoyed. I decided to go for a run despite not feeling well, and that was kind of a big mistake. When I got home from the run, I felt terrible, cold and achy - like I was getting the flu (which I had in November! and which I got a shot for). My head hurt so badly I could barely sleep through the night. 

The next morning (Friday) I still felt terrible (achy, throat hurt, and head was pounding), but in addition I was EXHAUSTED. It felt like it took all my energy just to take a shower. Afterwards I had to lie on my bed for 10 minutes gathering the strength necessary to get dressed. Maybe I'm being a tiny bit dramatic (I'm not). 

On my way to work I made an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat doctor for later that afternoon. I thought maybe I was dying. Who gets one cold after another? 

The doctor took about two minutes to tell me she was almost sure I had "severe allergies". She prescribed a mild steroid for 6 days and said if it helped, I needed to go see an allergist as soon as possible. I've never had allergies before or even thought about it. 

The steroid prescription got sent to a pharmacy across town, so I had to do without it for another day. I suffered through a date on Friday night, tutoring Sunday morning, and an evening out with friends Saturday night (ok, that one wasn't suffering). By the time I made it to church on Sunday morning my ears were so clogged that I couldn't hear and I was losing my voice. This is allergies?!?!

Sunday afternoon I finally got my hands on the steroids. I took the first two and sat on the couch to study. In the matter of about an hour my throat stopped hurting. As the day went on and I took more of the prescribed doses of the steroids, I felt better and better. By bedtime Sunday evening I felt almost normal again! One of my ears stills feels a little backed up, but otherwise, I feel fairly normal. 

I'm making an appointment with an allergist to find out what I need to do next. 

Sheesh. Not my favorite weekend ever. 

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