Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This weekend was a long weekend because last week was Spring Break at the university I work for and I took Friday off. 3-Day weekend!

The fun started with my friend Kristen and my annual trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Thursday. We looked at baby animals, ate yummy fried foods, rode rides, watched a small bit of the rodeo, and saw Maroon 5 in concert. Normally I don't care much about the concert portion, but Maroon 5!

On Friday I went to an Alvin Ailey performance and it was really beautiful and interesting. 

Saturday my mom's family celebrated March birthdays. I got to hang out with my cousin Amy and we saw Dallas Buyers Club - which was amazingly good and made me cry. 

Also, over the weekend I found out my grad school roommate, AJ's, sister had her baby. 

Look at AJ and Cade!
And my camellia bloomed! This was my favorite plant when I lived in Portland and now I have my very own. 

For some reason this year I've also been obsessed with St. Patrick's Day. I'm not exactly sure why. I've always enjoyed holidays, seasonal events, and Church holidays, so I guess it makes sense. 

On Friday I got St. Patrick's Day themed socks. And I'm wearing a green and black sweater as we speak (as I type). 

The MOST important thing that happened this weekend is that Henry did a St. Patrick's Day photo shoot. While I was getting my previously mentioned socks I saw a green, plaid bow tie and decided Henry had to have it. It's meant for a human and Henry's neck is quite thick, so I had to use a safety pin in order for it to fit. Haha.

But it was a beautiful, rainy day - perfect for a green, Irish-themed photo shoot with my handsome boy. 


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