Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekend Recap: Cold Front Edition

Hmm, it's Thursday...and I'm recapping last weekend. Whatever. This morning I was racking my brain trying to remember what I did on Saturday night. Getting old is rough. So, here's what I remember...

Friday night I went to dinner with K's family. I had stone crab for the first time and one of the most delicious entrees I've ever eaten! K's family was really sweet and had the server bring out a little dessert of chocolate bread pudding (which K said looked like an HEB muffin, which made me laugh) with flaming cherries jubilee that said "Happy Birthday". In addition to that we had the best chocolate cake ever and of course, coffee. I'm really not exaggerating, my fish and the chocolate cake were outstanding.

Saturday I went to my parents' side of town to get my car inspected, oil changed, tires rotated, etc. Which was a pretty penny. I still want to get my car really deeply cleaned on the inside (and out), but decided that would have to wait for another weekend. There is only so much I can do in a day and time must be allotted for being lazy. Especially on Saturday.

In the past I've always had the mindset to save as much money as I can, wherever I can. So when it came to things like washing my car, I would never pay someone to do that when I have hands, dish liquid, and a water hose. But as I've gotten older and busier I've realized the value in paying someone to wash your car for you. Plus, it's good for the economy, right? :)

Waiting in the salon
Saturday evening my mom and I both got haircuts. I love my new hairstylist. She really gives the best haircuts. And I really love Aveda salons - the smell of the products, the head massage, the consistency of good haircuts and fun stylists. Whenever I'm looking for a new salon, I always go straight to Aveda and I'm always happy.

After the haircuts, K and my dad met up with my mom and me for dinner. We wanted to go to Carrabba's, but it was surprisingly closed, so we tried Palazzo's (at K's suggestion) and ended up liking it a lot.

Sunday was such a long day! K was an usher in the 9 am service, so I met him at church at 10 to go to the Young Adult ESI class - which turned out to be really neat. I love my church and it would be really nice to get to know some more people/couples in our age range. Then K and I were both greeters at the 11 am service. After church we tried lunch at Tiny's No. 5 and decided we like it better than Tiny Boxwoods. No. 5 is quieter, calmer, less pretentious, and in a really cute neighborhood in West U.

After church I went grocery shopping and then over to K's to do laundry and watch Downtown Abbey. Don't ask how, but we've been watching Season 3 of DA. It's still so addicting. Even K is into it. Ha.
Grocery shopping for my college students. 

That evening I had talked K into going to see Death of a Salesman with me at Alley Theater. First we met up with my friend Heather for pizza at Frank's in downtown. It was so good! Then Ashley met the three of us for the play. The play was long and sad, but very good. After the play I still had laundry to finish up at K's. What a long day! We were both exhausted by the end. Not the best way to start a Monday...exhausted from Sunday, the supposed "day of rest".

Also, it was cold in Houston this past weekend. And by "cold", I mean below 80. :)

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