Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Recap: My Thirtieth

Thirtieth what? Birthday. I'm 30. The rest will be explained in pictures.

Thursday, October 18
Kristy and me at lunch at Auntie Pasto's the day before my birthday. 
Inside was a do-nut with red icing and sprinkles (my favorite) from Kristy. 
Giant Tootsie Roll Pop from Kristy

Friday, October 19
Birthday Breakfast: a latte and pumpkin scone. 
Subway cookies with Reagan. And John. Reading. 
Beautiful flowers from K, delivered to my work. 
Birthday Lunch with Isha at Benjy's.
When I got back from lunch, the students had decorated the office. 
Haseeb pinning on my birthday sash at work. 
Amazing chocolate birthday cake from my students.
Sameeha, Isha, and me. :) 
Family Portrait before dinner on Friday night.
K and me - Birthday Dinner
At Up: the beautiful chandelier and lovely white roses. 

My gifts from my family. 
Raccoon pillow!

Italian Cream Birthday Cake from my parents. It was SO delicious. 
Mmm, half-eaten birthday cake.

Saturday, October 20
Kristen and me at my Birthday Brunch at Tiny Boxwoods. 
Paula and me - Birthday Brunch. 
Ashley, Heather, and me - Birthday Brunch

Bunny painting from Heather. I had been coveting this for a while. 
More beautiful flowers from K. 
I really, really wish I had taken more pictures of Saturday night. K took me to dinner at Mockingbird Bistro - it was amazing. The flowers above were waiting for me on the table. We had Parmesan truffle fries, Parmesan mushroom risotto, chocolate truffles, coffee, and delicious wine. And he gave me a beautiful silver and diamond bracelet.

I am so grateful for everything everyone did to make my birthday so memorable and wonderful. This was honestly one of my best birthdays ever. I am excited about my thirties.

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