Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why would you live anywhere else?

Houston, oh, Houston in the summer. Every year, somewhere near the end of May, I feel like Houston hits in prime. People complain about the heat in Houston (myself being one of those people), but I have come to believe the summer is Houston at its best. In fall, winter, and spring Houston seems to be struggling to be something it's not. But in summer, Houston just seems like a person who is really, really comfortable being themselves. It's as if the city is saying, "This is who I am...and I don't really care what how you feel about it".

And there is no better way to embrace the dawn of the hot Houston summer than attending Free Press Summer Fest. Last year I attended FPSF for the first time. I had just moved back to Houston from Portland and was still a little naive about how hot it gets here (somehow I had forgotten?). I almost passed out. This year I was prepared and drank scads of water before even arriving at the park.

In all truth, Free Press means a lot to me because after moving back to Houston last year, it was the first moment that I felt truly glad to be back in Houston. Now, after being back in Houston for more than a year, I am even more thankful and thrilled to be living my life in Houston, Texas. It's pretty great.

Before the Best Coast show. I liked the festival's slogan this year. 

Ashley and Heather. 


Slap bracelet give away. 

Gourmet mojito-flavored popsicle

The crowd before Two Door Cinema Club (they were so good!) .

Maps and Atlases with beautiful Houston in the background. 
Young the Giant (also so good!). 


Avett Brothers. Love. 

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Ashley said...

I love your pics... & my blue toes made it in several of your shots! I love your shot of Maps and Atlases.