Friday, June 15, 2012

Austin is Pretty Great

Going to Austin has to be one of my favorite things to do on a weekend. It's not that there are so many amazing things to do there, it's just that I like being there. I will always jump at the chance to take a weekend or even a day-trip to Austin. I love that Houston is only about 3 hours from both Austin AND San Antonio. And only about 4 hours from DFW and New Orleans. Not a bad location (those are considered short driving distances in Texas...).

Last weekend my friend Kristen had a baby shower in Austin, so that gave a few of us a perfect excuse to make it a fun weekend!


Kristen road all the way to Austin with this large, plastic baby tub she was giving as a gift. She is such a good friend!
We were laughing at her as she walked up to the house. We are such good friends. :)
While Kristen was at the shower, Ashley and I had lunch at The Oasis...with beautiful views.

After the shower, we checked in at our motel, and walked around downtown Austin. 
We stopped at Moonshine for drinks and appetizers. They give you complimentary popcorn!

Ashley and Kristen with their delicious drinks at Moonshine. 
Other things we did on Saturday, but that I did not take pictures of included eating dinner at Manuel's and dessert at Gourdough's. We returned home to our sketchy motel where finding a good/safe parking spot turned into laughing harder than I have in a really long time. So much fun.


We HAD to go to Magnolia Cafe. This is pretty much a perfect breakfast: coffee, an English muffin with bacon and QUESO-COVERED scrambled eggs and a gingerbread pancake (I could care less about the potatoes). And the other half of the gingerbread pancake made a delicious dinner later that evening. :) 
I was really excited when I spotted Fran's on S. Congress and realized it's featured in Friday Night Lights!
Ashley and me sitting outside of Fran's, like the characters on FNL.  :)
After breakfast we went to Zilker Park and went swimming. I loved these dogs, playing in the water. 

We swam in the freezing cold water....
...and they laid out in the hot, Texas sun.

Last, but not least, we rode the train in Zilker Park. Such a good idea, Kristen. :)

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