Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Looong Weekend

This past long weekend was certainly a long one. When I think back to Friday night, it seems like a month ago. A lot was accomplished this weekend, both in productivity and fun.

For some reason my roommate and I volunteered (although we were somewhat provoked) to paint our entire apartment. For weeks I had been flippantly exclaiming, "How hard is it to paint an apartment?! I could have this done in no time!". Which was a perfect set up, because I'm pretty sure after unconditionally loving humanity, God's favorite thing to do is humble me. Painting that apartment has been anything but "easy". No, no, no. I spent last Tuesday-Thursday night just painting my bedroom - one room! Taping, edging, rolling, touch ups, moving furniture, cleaning up drips, getting paint in my eyebrows, ruining a couple of shirts, and whining about how hard painting is have all been very time consuming.

Ashley and Kristen turning the bathroom MINT green. 
So, Friday night we got brilliant and had a Painting Party! It truly was fun. We invited every human we could think of and about 5 wonderful, merciful, blessed people showed up. Over the course of the next few hours the living room, dining room, and hallway (the majority of the apartment) were taped, edged, and partially rolled! And we ate pizza and drank delicious watermelon-jalapeno margaritas, made by Ashley. The whole evening was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be and a HUGE blessing. Ashley and I had low expectations: we were just hoping our guests would get the taping done and MAYBE a little edging. Little did we know they would almost get the entire job done! I am so, so thankful. We hardly have anything left to do! Just some touch-ups, a second coat on a few walls, the edging in the bathroom, and painting the kitchen. So excited for the finished product!

Once our friends had left and when we could not stand anymore painting our out-of-town friends, Amie and Justin, came over and we went for a drink, down the street, and to get some ice cream. It was a really nice evening for sitting outside.

Kristen at the beach.
Saturday morning a few friends and I went to the beach in Surfside; it was a really nice time. I covered myself in sunscreen, but completely neglected to think about my scalp burning. So, now my body and face are still nice and white, but my scalp and hairline are bright red! I shudder to think what I would look (and feel) like if I had not put sunscreen on at all. I think I do this every summer - burn my scalp and then for the rest of the summer obsessively apply sunscreen to my hairline every time I go outside.
Michaelangelo was very melt-y.

I really liked Surfside in comparison to Galveston....less traffic getting there and less crowded. And lots of ice cream trucks. :)

Saturday evening, after we came home and showered, a few of us went out for dinner and dessert. We were all really tired and hungry from being out in the sun, so we ate so many amazing things at BRC and then at Branch Water Tavern. I had brussel sprouts for the first time and I'm kind of in love! I had no idea they were so tasty. And the more I go to BWT, the more I like it. I've only ordered wine and sticky toffee pudding there, but this time they gave us a basket of rolls with jalapeno jelly, and even though we were all so full, those rolls were amazing. So, so good. I want to go back and order dinner (but mainly eat the rolls!).

Sunday I went to church, where it was Pentecost Sunday. My red scalp went along perfectly with the color theme for the day. After church my family went to lunch and then to visit my grandmother. I always really love talking to my cousins. Sunday evening I went home to spend some time with my family and my beautiful boy.
Blackberries in my white wine. 

Monday I was super lazy: ate donuts, drank wine, had watermelon, guacamole, and a delicious grilled meal from my dad, read, did laundry, and enjoyed my family's company.

Such a long, fun, eventful weekend and the perfect start to the summer! However, this morning my devotional included a list of soldiers who recently died overseas. It was really sobering to think that while we are celebrating our 3-day weekend, it is because so many men and women have died in service to the US. Not to end on a sad note, but it made me think how different Memorial Day would be if you were the family member or close friend of a fallen soldier.

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