Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pride Houston 2012

Last Saturday evening I went to Houston's annual LGBT parade. In the interest of avoiding controversy, let's say I am neither "for" nor "against" homosexuality. I don't want to discuss that issue. Instead, let's consider it a cultural experience. For better or worse, I live in a very gay-friendly part of Houston and I believe that attending this parade was a way of embracing my community, educational, and just plain old interesting/fun.

OK, here are some of the sights I encountered....
Lots of rainbow flags. favorite summer-time radio station. 
I got some beads. 
Mariachis Dancers! 
Pagan pride....some of these people were dressed like centaurs.
I was (pleasantly) surprised to see  A LOT of churches in the parade. 
I really love the city of Houston and the best part of Houston is definitely the people...both LGBT and straight. :)

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