Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 8: Those Moments

The subject for today is supposed to be "a moment"; I think that sounds pretty open to interpretation. So I'm just going to talk about 3 different kinds of moments that stick out in my head.

Awkward Moments. You know those moments where there's a very uneasy silence, no one can think of anything to say, and you kind of wish you could disappear. These happen a lot in church small groups, bad first dates, and family reunions with relatives you barely know.

Me-Too Moments. These happen when you really click with someone. When you find out that you both love Lucky Charms or use to watch Tom & Jerry or think Lady Gaga is gross or love eating potato chips with ketchup or have been to China or are Christians or think Arrested Development is hilarious. Those moments when you're really excited to have met a kindred spirit and want to yell, "ME TOO!".

God is Real Moments. I'm assuming these are unique to believers, but those moments when you know, that you know, that you know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He loves you more than you've ever been loved, and everything He ever said and did is very, very real and He is alive this very moment. That He is the most real thing you will ever experience. Yeah. Those moments. :)

I will tell you about another kind of moment that might make me sound crazy. For most of my life and especially when I was a teenager I would have these quasi-psychic moments where I see something and I just KNOW something about it. Later I found out this is actually part of my personality profile (INFJ). Some examples include when I was 13 my parents drove past what would be my future high school, I looked at it and just knew I would go there someday. The same thing happened when I saw my uncle one day and something just told me I wouldn't be seeing him much longer; he died suddenly less than a year later. When I visited my college for the first time I had this ethereal feeling where I just knew I was supposed to go to school there (and I was so right). When I met my best friend AJ I knew my life was about to change forever. When I started thinking about moving to Portland I just knew that I was supposed to, this weird gut KNOWING. When I was a pre-teen and my family visited Second Baptist in Houston I would get this weird I-know-this-is-going-to-mean-something-to-me-one-day feeling and 5-6 years later I became a believer in that very church. Weird stuff like that. They don't really happen that frequently to me anymore, but I never forget the times that they do.

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