Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 13: My Week

Well, it's only I'll tell you about last week.

Monday, October 18th, my mom was in town and we had a VERY fun day in beautiful, sunny Portland. I've already written about it extensively in this blog.

Tuesday, October 19th, was my birthday and I had a great day. I took my mom to the airport, went to work, and had a quiet, restful evening.

Wednesday, October 20th, I went to work, was supposed to go to a get-together that night, but it was postponed. Instead I hung out at Erin's new place (where she fed me lots of Chinese food and cherry pie) and then met Chelsea and Alexa at a bar in Vancouver (Washington, not British Columbia) to see our friend Tony perform his music.

Thursday, October 21st, I went to work....and....what did I do? Oh I think I read and fell asleep kind of early.

Friday, October 22nd, I went to work and later that night Chelsea, Erin, and I went out to a Tiki Bar(!) and some other bars in Portland. Really, really fun and funny night. :)

Saturday, October 23rd, I went grocery shopping, worked at my restuarant job, and hung out with Chels a little bit after work.

Sunday, October 24th, I had breakfast with Erin and then we watched bad TV on TLC and MTV. I also did laundry, made pumpkin bread, and went to church.

That brings us to today, where so far all I have done is go to work. So, there you go, my week.

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