Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 10: What I Wore Today

Or I guess we should say what I'm wearing today because the day is not over...
  • Brown slacks
  • A somewhat sheer top with orange, red, dark pink, and purple flowers and swirls (from Old Navy) with a white tank top underneath
  • A brown wooly sweater with rhinestone buttons
  • My brown leather Clarks
  • Brown wood circle and dark pink bead earrings I made at YMCA camp in Colorado
  • my HBU ring
When I was in high school I had a day planner where I wrote down exactly what I wore everyday so that I didn't wear the same shirt too frequently. Yes. How neurotic is that? Oh the values of a teenage girl... The beauty of adulthood is realizing that no one truly cares what you wear or how often you wear it! To an extent :)

In other news, I LOVE MY NEW JOB! My coworkers are fantastic, there are lots of Texans that work here, everyone drinks more (strong!) coffee than you can imagine, everyone likes to talk and joke around, I get to talk to students, it's a university!, I have my own desk/email/phone number, yesterday I got to clean out and organize a file drawer, I get to park in "faculty/staff" parking...these are just some of the initial thrills.

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