Saturday, October 9, 2010

Running for a Cure

AJ is my best friend and she is doing something amazing this month: on October 31st she will be running a full marathon in an effort to help cure Diabetes. AJ's family has been severely affected by this disease. I met AJ in 2006 only a few months after her father had died from complications with Diabetes. As we became friends she told me of the devastating effect Diabetes had had on her father and her younger brother, who was diagnosed at a very young age. Then in 2009, AJ and I were living in Houston when she got the news that her younger sister had also been diagnosed with Diabetes; which made AJ the only one of her two other siblings to not have the disease.

There are a couple of people in my family who have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, but I feel like from my friendship with AJ that I have gotten to witness firsthand how much Diabetes can wrecks havoc on people's lives; it is a life-changing, life-endangering disease. I have seen AJ grieve over what Diabetes has done in her family. And that is why I am SO proud of her! AJ is not one to just sit around and talk about things, she puts ideas into action and gives things her all.

This is AJ's fundraising website where you can hear more about her story and donate to help cure Diabetes!

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