Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was in the newspaper!

About a month ago I started this blog. It's just a fun way for me to display the things I cook and bake. I just did it for myself; I didn't even tell anyone about it (except my mom and a couple of friends). 

Then one day last week I got an email from a lady who writes Food articles in the Galveston County newspaper. She was writing an article on the popularity of cake balls and she wanted to know if she could ask me a few questions. 

I was so excited! My first thought was - how on earth did she find my blog??? It turns out she had googled "Cake Lady, Friendswood Texas, and cake balls" and I just happened to blog about all those things in one post.

So, anyway, here's the article. It's my first experience with baking publicity. Hopefully it won't be my last :)


Paula said...

That's awesome Mel! How is that book Six Prayers God Always Answers? Really? He answers only 6? Please fill me in on what I'm missing. I'm intrigued to hear the authors opinion:)

Melanie Lauren said...

Paula, Sorry it's taken me so long to answer this question. The book isn't really about 6 prayers that God always's more about 6 types of prayers that almost all people pray...and how God does answer them, but maybe not in ways you would think. It's kind of a different way of looking at prayer. And it points out that almost everyone believes in prayer whether they realize it or not. We all look for help from a higher power. My mom bought it for me and wanted me to read it :)