Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I like things to be aesthetically pleasing. I like things to look, feel, and smell good. In fact, I'm very sensitive to the aesthetic aspects of life. I'm not a snob. Who doesn't like things to be nice?

In pursuit of making my home aesthetically pleasing :) I love candles. Candles smell so good, and there's just something kind of cool about have candles lit at night. However, the whole point of candles (for me anyway) is for them to smell good. So I'm always really disappointed when I get candles that don't smell all that great when they're burning. Yankee Candles, for instance, they smell great before they're lit, but once they're lit, they don't really smell like anything. And they're expensive.

Well, I've finally found a brand of candles that I really love. Just burning one of them makes the whole house smell GREAT (as long as you don't pick a bad scent). What brand are they? Glade candles. Yep, the ones at the grocery store. The same brand that makes bathroom air freshener also make the best smelling candles for your home, office, or business. And they're pretty cheap and they last a looong time! Now they come in neat little candle holders, when you take the label off (like the lady in the commercial), they look like candles you might buy in a cute shop, not the grocery store. AND they have holiday scents! 

I highly recommend you purchase some Glade candles and make your home aesthetically case I come visit. Just kidding :)

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