Sunday, November 9, 2008

Over the past several days...

I found a new home. I decided to stay in Fort Worth until sometime next summer. I'll be living with the same roommate, but since we're graduating, we have to move out of seminary housing. I'm so excited about the house we found to live in. A few weeks ago we found a garage apartment that we loved, even though it was really tiny, it was so cute and I've always had this weird dream of living in a garage apartment. We were kind of disappointed when we didn't get it, but I really did think that meant that God had something better for us. The place we're moving into is a duplex in the TCU area. It has hard wood floors, it's just been painted, and most exciting to us - it has a washer and dryer, a big fenced in backyard (for the future pups), and a 2 car garage! We're moving in next weekend and I'm really excited. 

I'm now a substitute teacher with Fort Worth ISD. I'm still going to work at the same job I've had for a couple of years now, I'm just also going to sub too. At my current job, I'm a little isolated, I don't have any coworkers except for my boss, so sometimes it gets a little lonely. Plus, after graduation I'll have a ton more time on my hands and will need the extra money as well. I think subbing will be fun and sometimes challenging. We'll see...

I went to the Fort Worth Greek Festival. I love Greek food and they had wonderful Greek food! It was at the Greek Orthodox church in Fort Worth and it was a lot of fun. I love living in a city and doing fun cultural things like that!

My great-aunt died. This, of course, was a very sad event. My mom called me late last night to tell me Aunt Francis had died in her home. My family went to visit her this past July, in Waco. I wrote an entry about it. She was a really neat lady. Very opinionated and feisty. Recently, she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which was devastating because she was an extremely independent lady. She did not want anyone telling her what to do or "taking care" of her. Her death is very sad, and we will miss her a lot, but I'm glad, for her sake, that she didn't have to go through the debilitating and painful process of Alzheimer's.

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