Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday: Relaxation

This was a very relaxing Wednesday. Probably my last for a long while as I've started full time at my new job.

This relaxing Wednesday began with a scrambled egg with cheese and turkey sausage crumbles in a multigrain tortilla, a blackberry Greek yogurt, and coffee with 1% milk. This meal was 9 Weight Watchers (WW) points. 

For lunch I had a piece of oatmeal bread with melted pepper jack cheese, a tomato, and some cucumber with ranch dressing. This meal was 7 WW points, I think. Yay for 0 point veggies! 

Later, for a snack, I had a cup of Skinny Pop white cheddar popcorn and an apple sprinkled with cinnamon (1 WW point). 

Then I had one dark chocolate coconut bonbon and coffee with 2% milk (2 WW points).

Then one tablespoon of salted cashews (1 WW point). 

For dinner, I had ground beef stew (9 WW points), a piece of oatmeal bread toast with one tablespoon peanut butter (6 WW points), and some raspberries and blackberries (0 WW points). 

This was a great day! 

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