Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap: 6 months!

This weekend, Michael and I celebrated 6 months of dating. We were an item pretty much from the day we met....not that we were an official couple at the point....but we seamlessly went from date one to two to three to 6 months! This has been the happiest, healthiest, most fun relationship I've ever been in! I hesitate to gush about it on social media because I'm afraid we will break up and then this will all make me seem ridiculous or at the very least, embarrassed. But you only live once and I want to be honest about what's going on in my life. If Michael and I do break up (which I can't imagine at this point), I would handle it as gracefully (and honestly) as possible. However, I'm not going to waste my time worrying about "what if's". Today, things are great. This weekend, things were great.

Friday started with an evening at home. We ate one of my favorite dinners ever: brie, crackers, and wine! Also, some soppressata, honey, and popcorn. We watched The Theory of Everything, which was very touching and made me cry. I love things that remind me to think of the universe and how amazing it is, instead of just my very narrow view of Houston....Texas....America!

Saturday was kind of busy. I got my nails done, stopped at Whole Foods for some snacks, and hung out with some girlfriends. We ate lots of yummy snacks and made really neat Valentine's Day crafts that my friend Paula had planned for us. I made a mason jar glass with hearts and a couple of surprises for Michael.
Making crafts.
Girls I love.
That evening Michael and I went out to dinner at Underbelly for our little 6 month anniversary. It was Michael's first time to dine at Underbelly and we both really enjoyed it! Then, for dessert, we went to The Chocolate Bar (another place Michael had never been). We had so much fun talking and eating so much delicious food. Back at home we watched a little Parks and Rec.
Smoked Pork dish at Underbelly. 
Short Rib with Cheesy Grits at Underbelly.
Sunday was much lazier. I made pancakes for breakfast and we watched more Parks and Rec and took naps. Then I went home and watched the Super Bowl with my parents (and did laundry and got ready for the week). My parents made delicious queso in their new crock pot.

And now, today begins my last week at HBU,,,,

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