Monday, February 16, 2015

Goodbye, HBU....Hello, Changes

So, about a week and a half ago, I had my last day at HBU. I worked at HBU for almost 4 years, most of them wonderful, and it was weird to leave, even though I was very ready. Everyone was so sweet to me during my last couple of weeks at HBU that I joked I should have quit a long time ago. 

This beautiful student brought me these pretty pink lilies and a chia seed drink (weird, but good).
My department at HBU had a very nice going away party for me and ordered this pretty cake. I ate so much of this cake. The nonexistent shame!
A picture with a few of my favorite students on my very last day. 
This past week my sweet baby boy, Henry, went to the vet and was prescribed a special diet to try and figure out why he's so itchy. He can only eat this expensive brand of dog food and for treats we can give him carrots. I hope it helps him!

Late last week Michael and I got to go to the current Cirque du Soleil show, Amaluna. It was the first time for both of us to see a Cirque du Soleil show and it was really neat! It was opening night, so they were giving away complimentary popcorn, cokes, and wine!

Michael and me at the show.
This past weekend Michael and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together (awwwwww). We exchanged cute (and yummy) gifts and had a really nice time!

Michael's baseball-themed candy looks so small compared to the one he got me, but I also got him a large bag of peanut butter m&m's :)
Michael got me a one pound gummi bear, which I have wanted ever since I found out they existed!
This past Sunday something very important happened: I got to experience the AcroCats for the first time! Michael went last year with some friends and told me all about it. This year we went as a part of a report Michael was doing for his job. Let's just say it was AMAZING.

The cat bus! That's the star, Tuna, on the back. 
A GROUNDHOG opened the show!
Tuna, the star, was introduced early on. 
This cat crawled upside down on this bar. 
The kitties could do all sorts of interesting tricks. 
Tuna even went bowling.
Tuna also played the cowbell. 
The best part was probably the Rock Cats (featuring a chicken)!
This cat played the chimes.
Here's my sweetie, interviewing some of the audience members, after the show. 
Here's Pudge, the only cat we were allowed to pet from the show. 

So, what will I be doing now that I don't work at HBU? I'm finally going to use my degree as a therapist. I've already started my new job and I like it a lot so far (although there's a lot to learn). I'll be working a lot on the weekends and I'm not sure what my new schedule will mean for my blog. We'll see, I guess....

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