Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: a movie everyday

Though it wasn't planned this way, this weekend ended up involving a lot of movie watching. I'm not normally much of a movie person, I get antsy if I have to sit for too long. 

After dinner at Whole Foods, with a friend, Friday night kicked off the movie fest with a midnight viewing of The Room at The Rivers Oaks Theater. This was such a wonderful experience. The Room is know for being profoundly bad and midnight showings at The River Oaks Theater are known for being interactive and fun. Audience members knew the lines really well, made really funny comments, and threw spoons at the screen whenever a certain object in the movie was visible. The Room really lived up to the hype - it was a profoundly, baffling-ly bad movie. I highly recommend this experience to any Houstonians (with a good sense of humor?). 

Saturday involved my first geocaching experience and I finally got to eat at Bernie's Burger Bus Stop. I had eaten at the bus, but not in their actual restaurant. Bernie's was as good as I remembered. The blue cheese bacon burger, truffle fries, and a fluffer nutter milkshake were divine. 

But before dinner, Michael and I stopped at Houston's iBurn shop to use a gift certificate I gave him for his birthday. When we walked in the owner of the store was just about to tape a segment for a local news show and they needed taste testers. Michael knows the owner from previous work he's done with him and the owner knew Michael's high tolerance for spicy foods, so he got to be one of the taste testers. It was fun to watch. At the end they tried one called something like the Grim Reaper and the owner warned them to not let it touch any part of their mouths except their tongue because it made anything it touched burn really badly. Michael handled it all well (of course), but his eyes were watering when it was done. Craziness. I am trying to increase my spice tolerance a little (is that even possible?) because I already like spicy, flavorful food. This shop is a great resource.  

That night Michael and I watched Capote because I just recently finished reading the book In Cold Blood (one of my Christmas presents). It was really good. We also ate spicy chocolate-covered toffee and drank Dark and Stormies (made by Michael). I discovered an all-new love for dark rum and that I prefer my Dark and Stormy without the lime. 

Sunday we were going to have dinner with Michael's sister, brother-in-law, and another couple, but ended up being postponed to the next weekend. So, with a free day we ate doughnuts(!), did some grocery shopping, I got my nails done, we took a nap, and watched Gone Girl (Michael just recently finished reading that). We also had pasta with spicy marinara sauce for dinner. 

So, that was a lot of movies for me and it was a perfect way to spend this cold, rainy weekend. As much as I complain about the heat in Houston, this cold, wet weather is possibly worse. Looking forward to sunnier days and a 3-day weekend next weekend....!

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