Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap: Parties Galore!

It's Christmas Party season!! Yay! Right? I went to 3 pretty fun ones this weekend. 

Friday night was a celebration with Michael's coworkers. Complimentary drinks, finger foods, and then some karaoke. It was really nice to meet all the people Michael works with and I definitely had way too much freeeee red wine. Eeep.

Michael's coworkers, singing Feliz Navidad
Late Saturday morning Michael and I went to a Christmas brunch hosted by my friend Leela. There was seriously so much good food - lots of cheeses, Christmas cookies, some delicious brussel sprouts with pomegranate seeds, and more drinks!
Leela's special recipe for a Brandy Alexander. Also, notice the giant jug of fireball in the background.... (none was consumed that morning). 
We did a white elephant gift exchange and Michael brought this poo dough that we found at Walmart. It was hilarious and disgusting!

This is Leela's grandmother's Christmas tree. I think it's really from the 1960's and I think it might be what was referred to as an aluminum tree...? It was pretty cool, retro, and modern looking.

Finally, on Sunday night we went to a Christmas party hosted by the Palmer Young Adult group from my Episcopal church. Once again, there was super yummy food, a white elephant gift exchange, and a fun game. 
The Young Adult group, in front of the Christmas tree (we're kind of blocking it). 
Other than all the partying, we mainly watched a lot of Walking Dead this weekend - I'm almost caught up!

I'm looking forward to short, easy week at work and then....Christmas Break!!!

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