Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap: Crafty

This was a pretty low-key, yet fun weekend. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon I pretty much didn't leave a small section of the Heights.

Friday night Michael and I talked (what we do best), ate pasta, watched The Walking Dead, and drank wine. 

Saturday we went to the art market at Ecclesia, where my sister-in-law has her yearly craft booth. It's always pretty fun to look around at the crafts; I bought some homemade Chex Mix (because food is my favorite form of art). 

My sister-in-law at her booth. I stole this picture from my brother's Facebook. 
Later my dad bought a latte for me....err, Henry. :) 
Delicious latte from Paper Co.
After the art market the family went to Stanton's City Bites for lunch. 

After a quick nap with Michael (and a little Mystery Science Theater 3000 - I fell asleep), I went to a craft night with my girlfriends. It was super fun! We ate pizza, spinach dip, lots of sweets, and wine. We made embossed cards, dough ornaments, festive popcorn, and peppermint sugar scrub. By the end of the night I was terribly full and happy. I love my friends!

These were interesting and actually contained brandy.
The embossing table. 
Alexandra and Ashley.
Sunday I slept in, watched more Walking Dead, and just had quality time with Michael. Then I went home to do laundry and get ready for the week. 

Now, I'm so ready for this festive, Christmas-y week!

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