Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Changes to come (I hope!)

This week I was not good at taking pictures. That's become the norm. Sigh. 

Moving on. 

One thing What I Ate Wednesday has shown me is how many sweets I eat. I already knew this, but it's interesting to see it in picture form or to realize the times that I ate a piece of candy and thought to myself, I don't want to take a picture of this because I don't want there to be a record of it. 

Two things are going on in my life right now that are making me realize I need to change....ok, 3: 

1. I work in an office, where I sit a lot and I get bored a lot. When I'm bored I tend to find amusement in eating and there seems to always be lots of candy and baked goods around to amuse me. Combined with a cup of coffee, my sugar intake has increased dramatically at this job.
2. This past summer I was in 2 weddings and in an attempt to slim down a bit, I did one of those weight loss shake things, combined with semi-starvation. Afterwards, I gained everything I lost, plus some. I've learned this lesson in the past and I am angry at myself for making this mistake again: DO NOT DO FAD DIETS OR "PROGRAMS". EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER. Eat real food. The end. I know this, but I was sucked in....and now I'm paying the price through slightly tighter pants and a more puffy belly. SIGH.

3. I just turned 32 years old. Yay! But also, whoa! I've said it for years, but I really want to develop healthy eating and exercising habits that can carry me into my middle-aged years. Healthy and realistic is the goal. Starvation is not realistic. Boot camp at 5 am is not realistic (for me). Even regular running is not realistic (for me). Walking is reality. Lifting weights could be reality. Swimming, a gym membership, and aerobics could all be reality. 

Another thing I am hoping will become reality soon is less sugar and less alcohol. By less sugar, I really mean less candy, baked goods, and ice cream. I would also like to watch my sugar intake in other foods (yogurt, cereal, etc.), but that's secondary right now.

I've never had a problem with alcohol (thank God!), but I would still like to decrease my intake just due to all those pesky calories. I love, love, love red wine, but am hoping to limit my intake to 1 day per week. 

Same for sweets. One day out of the week I would like to let myself indulge in ice cream, a cupcake, or whatever. I also might make small exceptions for birthday and holidays. But a nightly cup of ice cream? No. 3-4 mini candy bars throughout my workday? No. 3-4 glasses of wine per week? Hopefully not. 

I think this will be difficult, but I'm trying to simplify by not worrying about other things. Yes, I want to eat healthy in other areas, but if I'm hungry, I'm going to eat something (just not sugar!). 

We will see how this goes. Hopefully my What I Ate Wednesdays will reflect this change...

Coffee brewing at work.
A Saint Arnold's Pumpkinator at The Harp.
Gross (DELICIOUS!) cheesy nachos at the HBU Homecoming Football Game!
Chicken and Pecan Waffles at Liberty Kitchen. So, so, so good.
Eating an apple from the bottom, up was pretty cool, but I still prefer them sliced and de-cored. 
Happy Wednesday!

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